People having fun on a party bus service.

When you hire a party bus service, a common question is, “What should I bring?” We’ve got you covered! Here are the essentials you need to help enhance the experience.

Party Supplies

The best thing about party buses are they aren’t ordinary. When you use a party bus service, you can expect a vehicle decked out with an epic sound system, party lights, special effects, and maybe even a fun stripper pole to dance on. This already sets you up for a party atmosphere, but why stop there?

The best way to top off your party bus experience is to bring your own decorations into the mix! You can pick a theme and decorate according to that, or just get some multicolored balloons, confetti, or streamers to make your experience extra fun. Just remember to bring materials to hang your decorations, like tape and scissors, and extra cleaning supplies, like garbage bags and paper towels when it’s time to clean up.

Fun Drinks

Planning on partying it up on your party bus? Don’t forget the drinks! With built-in coolers, you can keep your drinks chilled all night long.

When choosing drinks, remember to keep it simple, as making a complex mixed drink in a moving vehicle isn’t always the easiest. Champagne, wine, and beer make partying it up in your bus simple. But if you’re into fun cocktails, no worries, we just recommend mixing a cocktail or two beforehand and storing it in a covered pitcher to make it easy to pour it up into a cup of ice. Soda and juice are great to have on hand for those who aren’t into drinking alcohol.

And don’t forget to bring enough water as well! Staying hydrated is all-important when the alcohol kicks in and the evening wears on. Being stocked up on bottles of water ensures everybody stays safe and continues to enjoy the night.

Finger Foods

Whether you’re drinking alcohol or enjoying the ride with a cup of soda in hand, it’s a good idea to have some finger foods on hand so you and your guests don’t get too hungry. We recommend choosing food that is easy to snag and not too drippy or saucy. Consider things like pinwheel sandwiches, fresh fruit in cups, cheese straws, trail mix with your favorite snacks, or cookies.

And remember to bring some plates, cups, and napkins. It will reduce the mess during your party bus service and make cleanup far more straightforward!

A Well Curated Playlist

When riding in your party bus, you can take advantage of the best of the best audio systems! You’ll find no better place to crank your favorite jams to kick off the event. Before you load up with your friends, be sure to have your playlist ready to go of classics, one-hit wonders, and some favorites of the friend group.

Of course, personal preference comes into play, so ensure your playlist is suited for the event and your group. Remember, if music is giving someone a headache, they can’t exactly step out of the room for a bit. Music that your group loves makes for the best experience!

Essential Personal Items

Whether you’re hitting up local bars and clubs or heading out for a concert, you want to make sure you have the necessary personal items on hand. Think phone, keys, perfume, makeup, wallet, band-aids, etc. Making sure you have these with you before you get on the bus and then after you get off will ensure your night is spent having fun and not worrying where your stuff is.

A side tip: ladies, if you’re going to be wearing heels, consider bringing a separate pair of comfortable shoes and store them on the party bus. Live it up in your cute shoes during the night, and when your feet hurt or it’s time to head home, you can change into them. You won’t be sorry!


You’ll have paid for your party bus service in advance, but you’ll still need some cash for the night itself. Often, there’s the cost of admission to bars and clubs to cover, drinks to buy, and food to buy when you’re hungry after dancing and partying all night. Of course, having cash on hand also allows you to easily tip your driver at the end of the night. This isn’t essential, but if they’ve done a good job, this lets you reward them for their efforts.

Motion Sickness Medication

Do you or anyone else in your group suffer from motion sickness? Consider bringing some along to tackle the unwanted nausea. Even if nobody you know has motion sickness, it’s good to bring some along just in case. After all, you could be spending significant lengths of time being driven from place to place. Throw the effects of alcohol and tiredness into the mix, and motion sickness can pop up. There’s nothing worse than feeling unwell when the party is still going, so having some medication on hand can make a vital difference!

Keep the Party Going with Tempe Party Bus

Now that you have the essentials rounded up, it’s time to enjoy your party bus service!

If you’re looking for a party bus, Tempe Party Bus would love to be your chauffeur. Our premium services are affordable – and we make being your designated driver for the night memorable. Bring your favorite beer or drink selection, and let us blast your favorite playlist along the way! We have many different party buses to choose from – we look forward to helping you create a memorable night!

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